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Ive not posted anything to do with sims in like 12,000 years so i thought i'd post some pics of my new familys in my new hood Rainbow Valley.

Lets start of with..

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Who should be heir?

Holly Moore
Hannah Moore
Bradley Moore

The Moore Round Robin Legacy 2.4

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Oh my god, i don't know why its done so many cuts! Stupid LJ!!! 
Boy im tired. Didnt get in from yet another night out till 6 this morning. Had about 5 hours sleep before i had to get up to drive to my mums to load my car with some of her stuff then follow thier car to the soon to be new house in Boothstown. Oh- MY-God their new house is gorgoeus. Its  in one of them nieghbourhoods where all the houses are big and nice. The best part..well, my mum and knob face are going away for the weekend at the end of February, and im staying in the house on my own to look after the cat. Its also supposed to be a 'trial' for me because they are going away for 2 weeks in June and im supposed to be staying then.

Oh i carnt wait! I know it sounds like no big deal,  but living with 2 men, the peace and quite and space of a house to myself for a few days is like heaven. Roll on 27th of February!

I will have to take some sims CDs though...even if i carnt play MY sims i can at least play SIMS. If that makes sense..